Admission Procedure

Admission is open to children of all communities depending on the vacancies in the class without distinctions of caste, creed, color or religion, depending on the in the class. The principal reserves the right to admit the child into the class deemed suitable for him. Admissions are on the basis of an assessment & merit.

Our session will start on 4th April 2018.

Admission Procedure:-
Submission of registration form with a passport size photograph of student is first step of admission. Registration does not confirm admission. Documents required at time of admission

T.C. from the previous school if the child has studied in some other school.
Date of Birth Cetificate of the child.
Aadhar Card of the child.
Aadhar Card of the parents.
One passport size photograph of the child alone.
One passport size photograph of his/her parents.

6 photographs of the child in an envelope.

Formalities at the time of Admission:-

Written test will be taken.
Admission Fee to be paid at the time of the Admission only.

Concessions (Brother/Sister/Teacher's Child/Poor ):-

25% will be deducted for concession from the fee of the second child and likewise.(No concession for the first child).
The decision of concession of the poor children depends upon the Principal.
Age Requirement:-

1 Play school 2.5 - 3
2 LKG 3 - 4
3 UKG 4 - 5
4 I 5 - 6
5 II 6 - 7
6 III 7 - 8
7 IV 8 - 9
8 V 9 - 10
9 VI 10 - 11
10 VII 11 - 12
11 VIII 12 - 13
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