President Message

Dear Students and Parents, The world is place where not only we are living but where infinite generations of each species have passed their lives receiving abundance of everything, from our mother earth. And on our part humman beings are the only species which ougth to be most intelligence but unfortunatly also have harmed the mother earth the most.

Now i feel that it is the utmost duty of every one to leave our mother earth a little better than what it was when we were born. And it is very simple to do so. If we connot carve a new path to achive this goal then we should follow the old best ways our forefathers followed.

And to follow our saints & yogis, they used or exploited the nature im minimum ways. You see how a honey bee does, she takes the nectar from the flower but dosn't spoil / hurt the flower or the enviorment. She utilizes the nature, serves her purpose and leave it undisturbed. that is what each member of this human race should do.

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