We at The Nortwood School don't exaggerate when we say that the laboratories in our school are very Good. laboratory has a top granite finish, revolving stools that can be adjusted according to the students height and comfort. to ensure that there is no hindrance in the continuity of the experiments. A large, modern state of art Biology Laboratory is fully equipped with about 125 charts, 75 specimens, 50 slides, scores of models and mounts catering to both middle and senior school. Regular CD presentations make the subject interesting. A herbarium of various species is maintained and regularly updated in our data bank.

Two spacious and well-equipped Chemistry laboratories can accommodate 20 students per laboratory at one time. Each laboratory has a demonstration table, modern shelves to store reagent bottles, sinks and charts. Proper safety measures are strictly followed. There are two Physics laboratories which can cater to about 30 students per laboratory at one . Fitted with latest equipments, the laboratories are replete with charts and working as well as dead models. The school ensures that each student is able to work with one apparatus.

The school has three computer laboratories which are well equipped with sufficient number of computersto the ratio of 1:1. The computers offer networking and are fitted with latest procesors which are updated from time to time.

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