1 Bus facility is available for all the students of the school.
2 School bus routes are drawn up based on convenience and demand while ensuring that no route is overly long.
3 Parents should consult in the school office regarding any necessary details or changes.
4 The charges are according to the distance.
5 The students must maintain discipline in the school bus.
6 The consumption of edibles is not allowed in the school bus.
7 The drivers are authorised to stop the school bus at designated stops only.

8 In case there is a temporary change in the ‘stop’, permission has to be taken from the school.
9 The permission slip so obtained from the school must be handed over to the driver.
10 Parents are not allowed to enter the school bus.
11 In case of any issue, the parents must communicate with the school and are requested not to create any disturbance in the school bus or indulge in any argument with the bus staff.

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